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Rememberance Of Fragrance Past - 2

But how do we explain the visitation of 'Tim L. to Claire Sylvia in the dream? Can the cell, including its associated energy field, hold the memory and behaviour not only of the person up to and until the moment of death, but also hold to itself the individualized 'spirt' of the person.

Many questions are raised by these issues. Organ transplants give a modern twist to other-life existences, but basically this is an ancient subject which has played an important part in the spiritual development of people around the world - many of whom have their own body-work systems, ways to go into a hypnotic state, spontaneous experiences and aromatic ceremonies.

Aroma and memory are, of course, inextricably linked. olfactory nerves are actually part of the brain, extending from it into the nasal cavity, where they meet aroma molecules, via receptors. Nothing gets closer to the brain than aroma! The brain, we now know thanks to research in psycho-neuro -immuno-endocrinology, is an ongoing system, producing neurochemicals which have receptors on cells in all parts of the body - a continuum with undefined borders. Aroma induces the release of brain chemicals, and thus can affect the whole body.

In addition, from pictures of the auric field of aromas - in the form of essential oils - we can see they have a wonderful dynamism that interacts with the auric field of a person. Aromas, then, are unique in being the one physical/etherical thing which appears to reach all parts of our body and perhaps, all parts of our spirit.

Is it any wonder that smell has such a profound effect on us, or that extended memory can be triggered by certain aromas? Aroma is one of the means by which memory is laid down by its as yet mysterious recording mechanism. Aromas that have no particular association for us  in this lifetime can act as a trigger, releasing the memory association that may have been laid down in a former life.

The mechanism for this may be essentially physical, with the aroma molecules acting on the cells indirectly by stimulating  neurosecretory hormones to act upon the cell-receptors. Looking at it from an energetic viewpoint, there may be a parallel universe in which aroma is itself the key which unlocks the memory-receptors. And as the etheric energy is eternal, rather than physically mortal like flesh, the memories can relate not only to this lifetime, but to other times held in the etheric field. 

During Aroma-genera - a system I have developed for the release of emotions that are attached to experiences of past events, both in this lifetime and beyond - a fragrance associated with a particular personality sometimes brings to the front of the mind a time and blends are used, and, by inhaling them with eyes closed, other space-times are reached.

Some of the present-life memories that are recalled can seem very trivial, and they show how sensitive human beings really are. A child can be deeply hurt by a casual offhand comment, or made to feel inadequate by being unable to tie a shoelace. Even new-born babies can be traumatized, as, for example, the case of a woman who remembered, as a new-born baby, being separated from her mother in the delivery room, and put behind a curtained screen. It's frightening to think how many babies have had to undergo similar distress because adults don't understand the emotions even new born's can experience.

So many hurts are being carried forward in time, unbeknownst to us. Memories arise from adulthood too, and reveal emotions we may have hidden even from ourselves, such as loss and fear.

Past-life memories can, unlike present-life recall, involve death. This is sometimes traumatic, and sometimes not obviously so, although there is always an emotion attached. For example, one woman recalled being hung for stealing an apple. She asked, bewildered, ' An apple? They'd hang me for an apple?' and it was the emotion of unfairness that clung tenaciously to her present.

In another case, a man recalled a lifetime in which he was so fat that when he died his family had difficulty getting him out of his bed and down the stairs. He was very embarrassed that his dead body had continued to release horrible smelly odours. Not coincidentally, in this lifetime he has an obsession with cleanliness or, rather, had an obsession before it was dissipated by the Aroma genera session.

As we know, there are often several traumatic moments  in a person's life. One Native American woman with fear of enclosed underground spaces had it explained during Aroma-Genera. She was a young girl of three or four and waiting for a tornado to pass with her family in the root cellar of their house. Suddenly she got the sensation they were not safe where they were and told her family who disagreed.

But she was so insistent everyone eventually left the cellar, only seconds before the whole building collapsed into it. It was  the meeting  of the past aroma - of the cellar and roots - and the present aroma - one of nine Aroma - Genera blends - that brought this memory out of the lifetime's memory vault. The girl and her family did not die and were not harmed by the experience but she was still holding the fear, until it was released by Aroma-Genera.

Reference: The Fragrant Heavens: The Spiritual Dimension of Fragrance and Aromatherapy: Valerie Ann Worwood……. READ MORE

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