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Essential Oils:The unseen Energies 

In the usual light photographs of the Milky Way, the shape seems obvious - it's a spiral disc, a basically flat circular shape  made up of countless white stars - but when you get on the internet and look at some of the photographs that have come back from space, you can see the reality is much more complex.

The web sites to visit are the Goddard Space Flight Centre, NASA, and the University of Illnois, which displays photos of the Milky way taken using X-ray, infra-red and radio equipment. When the frequency is charged, further levels of reality are exposed.

Using computer enhancement and colour, different swirls of energy are highlighted, and 'bipolar outflows' are revealed as emerging from the centre, like two trumpets, perpendicular to the disc of stars. These exciting new pictures illustrate how much more there is to life than we can see with our eyes.

Life on our planet certainly seems more benevolent than on the other planets in our solar system, and more vibrant, but what do we know of its invisible energies? Human energy fields have been recognized in most, if not all, spiritual traditions. Eastern traditions talk of Prana and ch'i - the energies that are vital to health. In Western terminology, we hear of the 'Aura', or the 'ethric body,' 'astral body', 'menta body' and 'spiritual body', and a 'golden web' that connects us all. It is likely that we are dealing with several energy fields that interact with each other, and our physical selves, and they are said to be the means by which we connect with the divine.

According to Dr Valerie Hunt, a physiological scientist and author of Infinite Mind. the science of Human Vibrations, although the electrons existing in humans and interactive matter are the same, the human field absorbs and throws off energy, while inert matter is passive. In addition to the electrical frequencies of muscle, brain and heart there is 'another field of energy, smaller in amplitude and higher in frequency'.

Apparently this energy is electromagnetic, and eight to ten times faster than the other electromagnetic energy recorded on the body's surface. Dr. Hunt has done much research on the human aura: taking measurements when subjects were in the mountains and near the sea; or after having a swim, a shower or a barefoot walk in the grass; and in special scientific study environments, such as the Mu and Anechoic rooms at the university of California in Los Angeles.

The Mu room, located in the physics department, is an environment in which the electromagnetic energy in air can be altered. The Anechoic room is designed to take out sound and light, and thus these sources of electromagnetism: and subjects lost their sense of time and became unable to operate the instruments taken in there for research study. There are few people in the Western world who have carried out as much scientific research on the human aura as Dr. Hunt, and she writes:

The human field looms as primary to life
Resonating frequencies are primary physical bonds in nature, For every frequency or frequency band, there exists natural or created resonators. In other words, a fields frequency pattern at a given time is a resonating structure that determines the energy it will absorb or by which it will be affected. Theoretically, all frequency vibrations exist in the universe

which includes the body) - from sub herzian to as high as modern instruments can measure - billions and trillions of cycles per second. Nonetheless each material substance, living or inert, mineral or chemical, has its own vibratory signature carried in the structure of the field. There are dominant and recessive vibrations in each field, giving it a character. Field interactions result from the strength and patterns of these field vibrations. These constitute windows, or thoroughfares for transactions. A sound general principle states that interaction between fields occurs when there are compatable frequencies. 


I believe essential oils are 'thoroughfares for transactions - they have their own vibrations which connect with the frequencies in the human energy field. Causing effects in the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Essential oils have different electrical qualities, and different molecular shape and vibration. Interesting though all the data is, it does not explain what one might rather vaguely call  'the energy' of a particular essential oil. New methods of recording are required. With this in mind, I went to see Harry Oldfield, who co-authored The Dark Side Of The Brain, with Roger Coghill in 1988, at the time a seminal work on unseen energies. Harry has invented an energy field imaging system which records the invisible aura of energy around living things, and I was interested to know what it could reveal about essential oils.

According to Harry, the images produced show interference patterns with light, as light rays and photons get 'interfered with by the subtle energy effects emanating from the object or space point.  I say "space point" because there are atmospheres and places that give off emanations too.'

Using this new equipment, which produces moving images on a computer monitor, colourful and dynamic patterns emerge in the air around the end of the smelling strip, on which the essential oils are placed. With some, such as jasmine and ginger, the end of the strip appeared bright white, with all the colour spectra in that spot. In others, the whole strip appeared energised, while yet others showed no change. The background is generally green but each essential oil makes it explode into different colours and shapes.

We saw either magenta, predominantly purple, orange, turquoise, or blue circles and squares: all actually layers of colour, rather like a rainbow. With eucalyptus citriodora a yellow haze appeared: while with frankincense a sudden rocket of energy flew out from the end of the strip; and with neroli a blue circle appeared at a distance and started beating like a heart, getting slightly smaller then larger - a flashing light of life - pulsating seven times before dispersing.

The individuality of these essential oil energy patterns is amazing, and the more you see, the more amazing they are! What are we seeing, Harry believes, is the etheric energy in the fabric of space itself, going beyond the molecules themselves, an energy that is in a buffer zone between the physical and higher energies. Some of the essential oils made little impression, and some  were very dramatic, and the differences were not related to when the image was taken. it cannot be said, then, that as the aroma molecules built up in the atmosphere, things got more dramatic.

Sometimes, toward the end of the session, there would be an essential oil that showed very little activity altogether. Also, some of the energy fields were very small and remained close to the end of the strip, while others immediately shot out all around and took up much space. In some, the energy field seemed to hover above the smelling strip, then in others it hung below. Some fields seemed to come towards us, some went out, some stayed where they were,. while others leaped! The kinetic nature of these events is not of course captured by the still images reproduced here. In some essential oil recordings, the energy was slow to build up, in others it was instant.

Discussing the images observed on the computer screen with the other people in the room, I realized that we were using the same vocabulary as I use when describing essential oil fragrances in other contexts. Someone would say it's 'round' or 'sharp' 'sparkly' 'heavy', 'light', 'soft' 'dynamic', or that it 'has direction'.

It was also very interesting to watch the energy field of the essential oil mingle with and affect the aura emanating from a person, if they held the smelling strip, or stood near by. I was reminded of Hunt's phrase, 'a thoroughfare for transactions'. When the energy fields from the essential oil and the person gently connected, we saw an expansion of the human aura. Harry's words were emphatic: They definetly interact in the human energy field, there's no doubt about it.' The mystery of the 'life force' of essential oils was looking less mysterious by the minute.

Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light. They vibrate, and cause selective synchronous vibration; they are electromagnetic, as we are ourselves. They are thought to travel through the interstitial fluid and the extra cellular space - the space between the cells, where the molecules of emotion may also travel, as described by psycho-immunologist Candace Pert in Molecules of Emotions. It's no wonder that fragrance has been used since time immortal to connect people with the divine, lifting us to finer, higher vibrations, in touch with a wider consciousness. 

Reference: The Fragrant Heavens/ V.A. Worwood



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