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Using Essential Oils for Spiritual Connection

To wonder at nothing when it happens:
to consider  nothing impossible before it comes to pass.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

The spiritual connection could be said to take place within the dynamic energy which permeates the entire universe. It is a space of light and high vibration, and anything used for subtle healing - the reconnection of body to spirit - needs to be in harmony with it. Essential oils carry the light, and that light potential is activated by positive thought. Even physicists now accept that thoughts are a form of energy, saying the human observer has to be taken into account as part of the experiment: What thay are thinking changes the outcome. Thought is a part of scientific equations, even though we can't grab a thought and put it under the microscope!

When working with essential oils for first aid, or for physical ailments such as rheumatism, although energetic aspects of essential oils are important, they are not as important as choosing an essential oil with the chemical properties to do the job than required of it. When choosing as essential oil for subtle healing or spiritual connection, however the chemical constituents are less important because they are not being required to act on a physical, chemical matter of the human body. What is important is the energy of the essential oil, its vibrational note, which interacts with our own spiritual harmonic note as part of the universal symphony.

Any essential oil distilled from a plant lovingly grown in unsullied soil, under an unpolluted sky, by caring people, and distributed by a company working with integrity and respect, is going to have a good energy. Nature vibrates with its own joy of life in which we can share and, indeed, essential oils produced under such favourable conditions  appear to have a more beneficial effect on the sick or wounded than those distilled from plants subjected to polluted growing conditions, chemical adulteration or negative thought-forms. When considering using essential oils for subtle healing and spiritusl purposes, the energetic aspects of production are equally important. 

The first step, then, is to consider the question of supply. Ultimately, after the various mechanical means of purity analysis, ther is one judge of aroma: the nose, the most direct pathway to the mind and spirit. The way to train a nose is by comparison - opening the tester bottles of the various brand-named essential oils  and taking a sniff. After a while, you'll find outlets  that carry oils with a purity, clarity and energy that stand out. Take your time though, make it a mission, it's worth the effort. Talk to the shopkeepers and find out about their sources. That won't tell you the whole story, but it might give you a clue here and there,. Seek, as they say, and you will find. 

Reference: The Fragrant Heavens/ V.A. Worwood 


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