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Nature is remarkably resilient. Think of a little seed lying in the earth, and along comes this massive machine, shaking the ground, moving inexorably towards it, and then it dumps a whole load of bitumen right on top of the seed, to make a pathway or a drive. You might think, That's the end of that! But no, time passes, and a tiny green shoot pops its head through a hairline crack in the hardened bitumen, into the light, and grows into a plant. We come along and say, 'Look at that, another weed.' and pull it out! But more plans grow in its place and despite everything we do nature still has that profound drive to live. Essential oils, too, appear to have that life quality, despite whatever human negativity they get subjected to.

Thoughts are vibratory, and essential oils are too. If the vibration of the thought is light or heavy, the essential oil will respond accordingly. Perhaps even the earth in which the essential oil plant grows is affected by thought. Finding out about the mind-set  of the growers, distillers, bottlers and sellers, however, can be difficult.

Going to the fields in which the crop is grown, and meeting with the people involved in the process, all the way down the line, is impossible for most essential-oil users. Some aromatherapists do spend a fair amount of  their time sourcing, and will drop or adopt different suppliers depending on their attitude of mind, be it negative or positive.

For the casual user, however, the most practical way to approach the problem is to spend some time clearing the oils. Let me say here that I do not believe essential oils can do harm energetically; it's just that they may not be able to realize their light potential if any negative though-forms have been around them.

Some people invoke the help of God, through prayer, to cleanse their essential oils, or they use the classic decontamination material, salt, Reference is made to it in the Bible (2Kings 2:20-21) when Elisha 'healed 'the spring water at Jericho: 'And said, Bring me a new cruse, and put salt therein. And they brought it to him. And he went forth onto the spring of the waters, and cast the salt in there, and said, Thus saith the Lord, I have healed these waters; there shall not be from thence scanty death or barren land.'

At Shinto shrines in Japan, piles of salt are often placed  on either side of the Torri arch, to clear negativity from the people entering. Salt is certainly cleansing, which is why a dentist may tell you to rinse your mouth with it but that does not explain  why it is so universally used for spiritual decontamination. Perhaps it is because the crystalline structure of salt makes it an attractor. There was a time when sea salt  was usually preferred for these purposes, but since the seas are now so polluted, rock salt is probably best. Salt deposits are found all over the world, with some of the largest being 250 and 2,000 feet thick.

Making sure the top is tightly shut, put the bottle of essential oil in a glass and cover it with salt. Leave it there for twenty-four-hours, then rinse the bottle in spring water and wipe it dry. At this point, if you wish, the bottle can be surrounded by rock crystals, which have themselves been washed  in salty spring water and left to dry in the sun. This should be done with a completely clear mind, as there is absolutely no reason to impose your mind or even your love or good intentions, on the essential oils at this point. They have their own love and good intent - pure, egoless energy. By carrying out this process, we clear the way for that loving energy to shine through. 

Reference: The Fragrant Heavens/ V.A. Worwood



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