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Rememberance of Fragrance past - 3

I've heard hundreds of similar stories during Aroma-genera sessions, and am led to believe that it is the emotions around a particular situation that get trapped within the electromagnetic field, or etheric field, bio-plasmic field, or orgone or other variously termed field of person. It is not so much the dying, or the people or circumstances of a particular memory, its magnitude or triviality, but the emotion - the core feeling - that carries forward and interferes with the flow of life.

What is so clear from past-life or earlier present-life recall is that events in the past can rest in the energy, causing it to flow in the wrong direction. The past emotion sits like a rock in the river of life, sending us off course. These rocks of distortion send us into directions that relate to the past, not to the future we should enjoy unencumbered b y the past. We become, as the saying goes, ' bent out of shape'. We are hindered by emotions such as anger, anxiety and shame that bear no relation to the life we are living right now.

The Aroma-Genera experience is very gentle and releasing. No hypnotic techniques are involved. At all times the person is fully aware of the present, and also of the sensation that they are involved in, enabling them to discuss each step of their experience as a detached observer. Indeed, the aroma seems to allow us to straddle two time -place existences. Take for example, the case of Martin, who recalled being an innkeeper at a place some distance from London during the great fire of 1666. He described standing with his wife watching the dramatic scene on the horizon as London burned, sending the aroma of burning wood far and wide.

At one point his voice lowered and he appeared to be talking to someone - he was giving highly detailed instructions  to his wife to prepare more beds  and food, as they would surely be busy tonight. He was having two conversations with two people in our one time. The present-day Martin, objectively viewing his old self, was amused that he had been more interested in the monetary fortune to be gained from London burning than in the fate of the people directly involved in the fire. interestingly, in this lifetime, Martin works as a healer with people suffering post-traumatic stress, and he hypothesized that he was now making up for his past selfish behaviour, and perhaps assuaging the subsequent guilt he may have felt.

Aroma-genera is not regression therapy. It involves working with personality types which may be imposed upon us, or adopted by us to get us through the present-day life. However, through Aroma-Genera, personalities from somewhere else do emerge. There is always a key moment, a pivotal point which keeps coming up until its message is understood and resolved.

This is not a process that can be undergone alone, and the blends cannot be put together in an arbitrary way. Using aroma as a regression tool  is a precise science. There is absolutely not need for standard regression techniques - where a person is led back in time - the aroma does that instead. Nor is there any need of hypnotism. The state induced by aroma is not like being repressed, or hypnotized, and neither is it like dreaming. Aroma takes us down another route entirely.

Aroma-Genera is a system that uses aroma like a searchlight, seeking within that which waits to be found. \But there is another approach when a particular aroma haunts a person, either in a positive or negative way. For example, a person might find a particular aroma abhorrent for no apparent reason and this may b e indicative of a hidden story that could be released by that aroma. In these cases a sample of the aroma could be taken to a psychotherapist, counsellor, Aroma-genera practitioner, or someone else professionally trained  to understand the psychological process that goes on in memory recall.

They can support the individual on the journey and, when the relevant memory source is reached, help him or her understand the connection between that past experience and their present life and behaviour patterns. Also, their may be a particular aroma that draws a person enigmatically to it, and there may be a story in that.

Reference: The Fragrant Heavens: Valerie Ann Worwood….READ MORE

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