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The Aroma Of Worship-Introduction

There are three primary reasons that I wrote this devotion. My first and most important reason is to share the gospel of Christ with the essential oils community. As such, I have  made every effort to point in some way, to the Gospel of Christ in each devotion. Secondly, I want to communicate to the broader Christian, through the medium of devotional writing, that the sense of smell, as well as all of the other senses, is a gift from God given to us that we may bring Glory to Him by using it to enjoy his creation.

God has blessed us with this wonderful sense and He is worthy that we may intentionally use it in worship of him. Finally, I want to communicate in a very special way that essential oils can be used in many ways that are consistent with the Christian worldview and to reject the notion that one must embrace New Age thought to benefit from essential oils. These are my goals; and, my prayer is the spirit of God will see fit to use this work to that end.

Each day you will find: a brief instruction about preparing your surroundings and your heart, a passage of i, and finally some additional thoughts about the Scripture for that day. I have given some detail here in the introduction about preparation so that each day's instructions will be unique to that devotion. 


To avoid distractions and promote focus, find a quite room/area. Keep your bible, this devotional, a journal, pen and highlighter near your chair. Also, set your diffuser up with distilled water, each day's devotion will tell you which oils to add to your diffuser for that day. After adding your distilled water and oils to the diffuser for the devotion, start your diffuser and let it run for a few minutes before you get started.


Get comfortable, and breathe in the aroma for a few moments. Clear your mind of cares that take your attention away from focusing on Christ. Breathe in and out slowly. Allow your senses to fully experience the aroma. Let the tension go out of your body and begin to focus your attention on Christ.

Spend some time in prayer of adoration. Celebrate God in your own heart and worship him. Thank him for the specific aroma you are experiencing, for its benefits, and for your sense of smell which he has given you as an avenue of experiencing His blessings in creation. As you are wrapping up this time of prayer, transition into reading the bible passage. meditate on it. Read it out loud repeatedly and let the words resonate with you.

Focus your mind on word, then concepts, and then complete thoughts. Allow your mind to take in what the text is saying. Read it until you have good awareness of what it is saying both in your heart and in your mind; then, move on to the devotional.

Each day you will find a bible passage that will be the focus for that day. All Scripture references are taken from the English Standard Version.

This section has my stories, thoughts, and devotional ideas relating to the Bible passage(s) and essential oil(s) for that day.

Reference: The Aroma of Worship: Derin A Stidd


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