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Remembrance Of Fragrance Past

The details of burial, the herb that was used to ward off sickness, and the statues of gods are all typical of classical regression. Dr. Brian Weiss, Through time into Healing.

Memories are in our cells, or in the spaces between them, or in their electromagnetic field or aura. Cellular memory has long been reported by bodyworkers, such as aromatherapists, reflexologists, rolfers, and shiatsu, kinesiology, acupressure and connective tissue massage (CTM) therapists amongst others. During body-work, when certain parts of the body are being manipulated, earlier events in this life, and past lives are sometimes released and recalled.

A different perspective has been put on this subject by heart and lung transplant patient Claire Sylvia, co-author of A Change of Hear. At the age of forty-eight, after the transplant, she developed a new liking for chicken and beer, and experienced the sensation that another person was within her. In a dream, she met "Tim L. 'who, after some research, she discovered was in fact the young man whose organs had been donated to her following a fatal motorcycle accident.

These two dimensions to the subject of memory are interesting enough, but there are more. Richard is a lighting engineer for an American ballet company, and was on tour with them in Germany. The coach stopped for a break in a layby near a hamlet, and Richard came out to stretch his legs. He felt drawn to walk down a path between two houses until he came to a pond. At this point  he can't remember what happened, but the others told him later.

Apparently, he'd started shouting and yelling and waving his arms about, obviously very distressed. Some residents came out of their houses and figured out he must have something to do with the coach, and they brought his companions to the scene. Richard was speaking German, a language he had never studied, and explained to the coach driver that he was a German soldier drowning in the pond, having fallen through the ice. There are tens of thousands of recorded cases of people experiencing other lives, many of them including xenoglossy which is the ability to speak fluently in a foreign language without having learnt it in this lifetime.

These feelings, of having died in another palce and time, happen to children too. I can think of one little girl living in rural Ireland, who remembered being hit by a truck on a road in America - a place she'd never been - and described the red and white logo on the side of it. The parents were intrigued by this as they lived a very simple life without TV or Coca-Cola, and the girl was not familiar with American culture, let alone place names. Subsequently, they took their daughter to the USA and confirmed the details.

Another little girl, who was three at the time, told me she'd left a family behind and didn't 'belong' in her current family. Suddenly, like a window into another world, she stopped being three, and spoke with the vocabulary of an adult. She told me she'd been a man, married with children - giving the wife's name - and had died falling off a fun-fair carousel. Then she noticed a flower, and, enraptured by it, ran off and was three again.

Many books have been written about past-life experiences, usually those that have emerged during hypnosis. We have, then, several ways of recall: hypnosis; always knowing, as in the case of children; suddenly realizing, as in the case of Richard; and through body-work. There is another route into the past - through aroma which can bring back memories not only of earlier events in life, but in lives experienced before.

Many contemporary religions beiieve in past lives, while others have in the past adhered to this doctrine but no longer do. Hinduism and Buddhism teach reincarnation believing that the soul must pass through many lifetimes, each one teaching valuable lessons, until the spirit reaches perfection and can ascend to a higher place. Rebirth was a concept long accepted in the Jewish tradition until the nineteenth century. Today it remains part of the teachings of the Hasidic sect, and has continued through the mystical Judaic tradition of Kabbalah. Amongst Christians, it was accepted until Emperor Constantine, in Ad 326, decided to edit references to it out of the texts.

Where are the past life memories coming from? Some would say they are not about spirit transference, reincarnation of one spirit into the body of a person at a later time. Rather, that our DNA, or the etheric energy enfolds it, carries memories of activities/emotions experienced by our direct ancestors. Depending on whether a gene is active or recessive, we inherit hair and eye colour, body shape and other physical characteristics. But we also carry things for which no genes have been found, such as generosity, meanness, the love or fear of certain things can somehow be replicated, perhaps there are other, energetic, 'genes' that carry memories, and the emotions that are associated with them.

Reference: The Fragrant Heavens: The Spiritual Dimension of Fragrance and aromatherapy: Valerie Ann Worwood

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