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Cleansing Blends
for Diffusers, Herb Bundles, Misters and Water Bowls

Frankincense - 7 drops Pine   -        5 drops Lemon   -       3 drops
Benzoin   -      2 drops Fir    -         3 drops Orange  -       3 drops
Myrrh    -       1 drop Cypress   - 2 drops Grapefruit  -   4 drops
Sage    -        2 drops  Sage     -   2 drops  Clove    -       3 drops 
Cedar   -        6 drops  Myrtle   -   6 drops  Black Pepper - 3 drops 
Juniper    -     2 drops  Hyssop  -   2 drops  Cinnamon    -  4 drops 
Coriander   -   5 drops  Rose   -     6 drops  Spikenard    -  9 drops 
Fennel   -       2 drops  Jasmine  -  2 drops  Ginger     -      4 drops 
Dill     -          2 drops  Linden Blossom   - 2 drops  Vetiver     -     3 drops 


Misters and Sprayers

One effective method of distributing the essential oil molecules around a space is by using a plant mister or sprayer. Using a new one, put in half a pint of warm water, then add 6-10 drops of essential oil - or more if you wish - screw the cap back on and shake well each time before spraying. Spray high into the air, making sure the water-essential oil molecules will not fall on any furniture or furnishings that may be damaged.

The space around people can also be sprayed with these aura- cleansing sprays, but the eyes must be kept closed.

Water Bowls
Hot water releases the aroma molecules in essential oils and sends them rising into the air. Any glass or china heat-proof bowl or container can be used. Put 3-10 drops of essential oils on the water, and place the bowl(s) in the corner(s) of the room.

Essential Oil Cleansing Bundles
Make a collection of smelling strips by cutting up a piece of white absorbent paper into long strips. Put your chosen essential oils on these. They can be your chosen essential oils on these. They can be gathered together like a bunch of flowers and tied with bows, or plaited and in other ways made decorative. Use them to spread cleansing and energy-enhancing fragrance around the room.


There are many ways to use salt as part of spiritual cleansing. It can be used on its own, or mixed with essential oils. It can be put in water and used to purify rooms, spaces, objects and people. It can be added to baths.

Essential oils can be added to salt crushed minerals or gems - such as crystals - and used to purify rooms and objects, or put in baths. Which particular essential oils, gems or salt you use will depend on what you are setting out to achieve.

As the seas are so polluted these days, sea-salt may carry those vibrations, but it also carries the energy of the sea. Rock salt gives the energy of the mountains and the earth.

Reference: The Fragrant Heavens: Valerie Ann Worwood


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