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 The Fragrance Of The Spirit

Your spiritual fragrance transforms the atmosphere of the world like an incense stick transform the atmosphere in a room. The incense stick spreads its fragrance regardless of the conditions and people in the room. Brahma Kumaris

Everyone has their own spiritual fragrance  which carries the vibrational frequencies of the spirit, and is in harmonic resonance with their inner self. This fragrance is completely different to that produced by angels or any other heavenly beings.

These personal spirit fragrances seem to comprise various smells- such as deep, rich resins, fully flavoured fruits, fully open flowers, verdant grass, meadows, trees or woods- although they are unlike any fragrance on earth and, like angel fragrances, are difficult to describe.

Each fragrance has a complexity of highs and lows that weave in and out of each other, reflecting the journey of our soul. It reflects all the places we have been, all the people we have been in contact with, all the emotions we have experienced, and all the personalities we have passed through - including those from other realms and, perhaps, other lifetimes.

  • And it is a combination of all these things that comprises our spiritual perfume. We carry the smells associated with past times, just as we carry those of this lifetime, and they are all woven inextricably together, as pieces of the same aromatic cloth.
  • Our personal-spirit fragrance is the one we are most at ease with but, at the same time, it has the capacity to affect us emotionally an the very deepest levels, stirring and moving us in ways which can be exciting, provocative, illuminating and liberating. ultimately, our spiritual fragrance will connect with the glorious soul fragrance, an aspect of the universal whole.
Reference: The Fragrant Heavens: Valerie Ann Worwood
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