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The Angelic Fragrances: 62 Profiles-3

comes within the angelic realms of dream states. For the angels who watch over us during the night when our soul is for a short time free of the mortal body.

brings understanding and compassion, assisting the wounded healers who are unable to forgive themselves. For expanding the spiritual, and to help those who are in need of energetic rescue.

is for forgiveness. When we wish to be forgiven and cleared of guilt and need help - when no other avenue is left open to us.

is said to help at times of transition, and to enable the angelic realms to come closer, bringing the fragrance of passing to the heavens. Often experienced by those who see angels.

has the sweetness of angel's breath, the gentleness of peace-fullness. It reaches the higher self and the spiritual part of our being.

brings the dreams of angelic realms into conscious thought. For assistance in physical neglect, and to slowly help in clearing away debris we no longer need.

helps us connect with the earth plane, and to realize that we are on earth for a reason.

brings the joy of our assigned angels into our hearts, to be touched with happiness that remains within us always-if we can only acknowledge it.

assists when we are feeling neglected or misunderstood and would like the comfort of the angelic realms.

assists in our connection with the planet and the past vibrational patterns which we may encounter upon our journey.

is strong and clearing, and can be used to clear a pathway when barriers have been erected and all help has been refused.

gives gentle awakening. It allows us to gently awaken our consciousness and connect, if only briefly, with the subconscious and higher self, attuning with spiritual growth.

allows the angels of nature to enter the atmosphere. For assistance during vision-quests, dream states, balancing, and for holders of the star energy. Their fragrance lives on until they have left, with only their ethereal shapes and auras left behind. This connecting ability remains in the fragrance. The angel to assist in creativity which stems from the heart. 


is a fragrance of angels which comes in various scents-some are headier, some are lighter. Rose can be used to bring your consciousness closer to your angel, and to the angel self which dwells within you. To inhale rose is to inhale the love and kisses of angels.

brings protection when unwell.It's used to bring healing elements of angelic beings forward - although all elements of these beings can be healing if God wishes it. It helps us recognize that we have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind and a superconscious mind, and that we are always spiritual beings.

is for when it's difficult to understand man's doings, and to bring the spiritual energy of the light beings close. To purify environments, to truly connect into the spirit of our home (every home does have a heart). To bring the wisdom of the ages into our hearts.

assists in the joining of the physical and spiritual realms, the reaching beyond ourselves into the universal whole.For those who cannot visualize the connection between the conception of the universe and the conception of mankind.

    contacts the angels of potentiality. It expands or contracts,revealing the secrets of the soul and the light of the universe.
    is strengthening and gives courage when our courage and strength are needed to overcome fear and distllusionment. For when we need to call upon the diety for physical assistance. During visions and dream states messengers bring insights of our physical obstacles and how to overcome them.
    is a fragrance associated with a particular type of angelic being - seemingly one who brings messages very clearly and with much love. The fragrance assists in how better to give the love which we have been given in abundance from the angelic realms and God.
    assists us in attuning to the higher spiritual self, in attempting to complete the harmonizatio between mind and spirit.
    is a fragrance for when in search of spiritual understanding, stimulation and clarity. Some report that yarrow can bring answers into the mind following prayers.
    is calming and soothing for those with troubled minds, and those who find it difficult to like and forgive themselves but who need to forgive, and to find a place in their hearts to love themselves. To look at this wonderful world we have been given with love and the understanding that we are all beautiful and a part of it.
  • Reference: The Fragrant Heavens: Valerie Ann Worwood
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