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 The Angelic Fragrances: 62 Profiles

The following list is based on my own, and other peoples, experiences of angels and their fragrance, and on the experiences of angel's and their fragrance, and on the experiences of my Aroma-Genera students which have been full insight as they own life tales have unfolded.There are many other fragrances which have not been listed here, but as I have no personal experience of them in terms of the angelic realms, nor am I aware of other people's first-hand experience of them, they have been omitted. The information below is from real-life experience, as opposed to that of legend and mythology, and although one cannot say how it works, it certainly seems to work for many people.

Angel's are messengers, fellow servants of universal good and, with the right intent, we can ask them for support. Angels join with us on both spiritual and earthly matters. Although we may feel the need of them most strongly when tragedy strikes or sorrow envelopes us, angels are there also to share in our times of happiness, positivity and joy.

  • Angelica Seed
    is named  after angels, many with whom are associated with the plant in legend, its aroma can be used by those who feel uncertain, or spiritually neglected, and in this respect need to call upon their personal angel. It seems to have more effect when blended with other fragrances.
  • Basil
    assists in awakening, awareness and understanding. It allows the clearance of muddled mind that puts up a barrier to contact with angels.
  • Bay
    brings the angels of our future closer. It can assist us in looking forward, particularly if we tend to dwell on what has been, rather than look forward to what is to come. It can create a positive note which enables assistance to be given. To see ahead and plan for that rainy day.

    enables the spirit to receive blessings. It enables us to learn the joy in receiving as well as in giving, and to learn of the interchange of spiritual energy that takes place.

    has an aroma that can clear away the fogginess that often muddles us, so allowing the higher spiritual self to become attuned to our helpers. This has no specifics attached, except, it is a receiver.

    assists in struggles of a spiritual kind, clearing away the physical barriers that impede  us by keeping the veil down.o learn of the interchange of spiritual energy that takes place.

    assists in struggles of a spiritual kind, clearing away the physical barriers that impede us by keeping the veil down.

    is a protective fragrance which, used with the right intent and purpose, allows our guardian angels to bring protective elements into our lives. It can also help us when we are useful of reuniting ourselves with spiritual aspects of life after long-term neglect.

    assists in harmonizing our mind, body and higher self, and in receiving insight.
    is a seed oil which has protective properties, and it enables our angels to assist us in viewing our life in a spiritual light rather than a physical one.
    allows the spiritual to become interwoven with the physical. In some cases , it clears the mind sufficiently for our guardian to give us insights into how we can improve our spiritual welfare.
    has a scent of the angelic realms...some report it as being close to their angel's fragrance. It should be used sparingly, to open us up to receive spiritual insight, clarity and compassion.
    is used for visions, and the reals that assist in vision-quests
    brings the angels of wisdom closer. For purification. For the angels that watch over, helping and assisting us when in need, and for their vibration to come closer when the wisdom of the ages is required.
    touches the inner child, the delicate spirit that needs to be reconnected with the divine angels of the highest order. To bring inner peace and joyfulness.
    is joyful.The unknown  exploration when we step with uncertainty and need assurance that help is at hand if we need it.

    can be used when a person is expecting disconnection from the spiritual self, bringing fear. It can connect to the spiritual realms with ease and bring the whole being into balance. Sometimes associated with the visitation of angels as a strong, overpowering aroma.

    gently awakens the angelic realm of subconscious, bringing harmony and purpose. For the times when we pray for assistance from the angels, to reveal our purpose, or at least understand a little of why we tread such a path.
  •  Reference: The Fragrant Heavens: Valerie Ann Worwood
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