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Angelic Aromas

Contacting angels is not as simple as using a fragrance. Think of it like this: the angel is the driver of a bus, travelling to different realms. Fragrance is the route the bus travels, it puts us in the right place, but we need to signal as well. At a bus stop this is done by putting out your arm, when using fragrance the signal is a mental one, and so when using angelic vibrations, we need to use prayer, meditation, and good intent and purpose.

Angels are not the destination, but the route to it. The Angelic Vibrations; the Attractants of Fragrances

Angels are able to utilize the vibrational effects of fragrances, as this is perhaps the nearest physical world can offer to their own. I may be the frequency they recognize and are drawn to, rather then the smell itself. By utilizing the fragrances of nature - which each have an individual frequency - with clear intent and purpose, it is possible to use essential oils to bring angels closer. In such a time as we are living, we need to be able to contact the messengers so they can assist us with our spiritual growth and send our prayers and messages of love out into the universe. We need to let ourselves and others understand that the majority of people on the planet want peace, love and compassion, and that we are not all driven by greed, ego and bitterness.

If the angels or shining ones are willing to help us, should we not take the thread of light offered to us, grasp it within our hearts and give praise and thanks for such help?
or do they travel our journey for us, only assist us on our way. They are not there to do everything for us - so don't ask 'please will you clear away my doubts and fears' but, rather, 'please be close while I deal with doubts and fears.' 

A particular angel has been assigned to you, and to be able to get on their wavelength, as far is as humanly possible, we need to find our angel's or guardian's vibrational fragrance. If we have already smelt it, that makes it somewhat easier, but we can never make a copy of that fragrance by using substances that are of this earth. Let that be understood. We can only get as close as we can get to it. If there were a flower or plant that produced an essential oil with a vibration that always attracted angel's we'd all be growing it.

But the heavenly vibrations are different to those on earth, and to find them, the most likely route is through making blends, which have a vibration different to those generated by the plant world as they grow on this planet individually. Once you have an idea or picture of your particular needs, and wish to send it to a messenger, experiment with making your own blends, until you hit upon the right note.

What follows is a list of individual fragrances - essential oils which can then be blended. Your own soul fragrance is the one at which you vibrate, and the angel assigned to you will be able to lower their vibrations to this, and connect with you through it. When you find it, it's an indescribable feeling of completeness, as if you dissolve into the perfume. I've seen this happen a few times while teaching. The look on the person's face is of ecstasy, peace-fullness and youthfulness - as years of hardship just seem to melt away. It's an unbelievable sight, like all transformations.

Reference: The Fragrant Heavens: Valerie Ann Worwood