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For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot gainst a stone.

PSALMS 91;11-12

When you're sitting around with friends and have time for a long conversation, ask if they believe in angels.

You'll be amazed by what you hear. On one such evening, I heard an account of a meeting with an angel, a rather handsome one it seems, in a bar in Montreal, Canada, on a cold, snowy night. The lady, Anne, was sitting at a table, quite near the stage, watching the band with her back facing the main area.

Suddenly she was overcome with the sensation of deep, unconditional love, and she could feel it emanating at first from the door, then passing the length of the bar at the rear of the room until it stopped. She said she smiled to herself because it was so absurd.

She knew, without having seen anyone, exactly where this person stood. It was like love-radar. And she was certain of her feelings. I knew I loved whoever was in that space, and it didn't matter whether it was a man, woman or gorilla. That's why it was so funny - in a split second, my whole outlook on life had changed.

After a while she turned around, knowing exactly where to look of course, and saw a tall handsome man standing there. She turned back, and had another laugh to herself - this was too good to be true! When the band finished - she got up and went back to her friends at the bar in the next room. Before she knew it, the man was standing behind her; she turned around and was amazed to see gold rays coming from around his head. The man had a halo! Nobody else seemed to notice. It was turning into a very unusual evening. 

'i think he was an angel' Anne told us. I've never felt so relaxed with anyone with anyone. It was a level of relaxation that is far and away more absolute than with a lover, or family, or friends, or while on my own.

⦁ It was another level of relaxation, like i'd just come extra alive.' Of course, we all wanted to know what happened to him. Apparently, they talked for hours at the bar, and he walked her back to where she was staying. The next day she would be getting on a plane to London while he planned to be in Los Angeles: they were going in opposite directions.

⦁ 'The strange thing is' she continued, 'I know we had no future, and didn't ask for, or give, an address. I knew I'd see him in Heaven, and that was enough.' Very appropriately, the bar was called  'The Rainbow', which made him the gold at the end of the rainbow!

⦁ Some people believe in angels because they have 'seen' them, even in some cases before their eyes beheld them. Other people believe in angels because they have heard their voices, or smelt their sweet fragrances and know they were near. When these things happen, there is no turning believe in angels.

⦁ Accounts of meetings are often quite extraordinary - which is, when you think about it, what we might expect. Experiences are also very personal and varied, and full of love, poetry and drama. 

⦁ I met an angel twenty years ago, and so have no doubt they exist. The light and peace that angels emanate is so profoundly different from anything on earth, it's impossible to confuse it with everyday reality. The light I saw was overwhelming luminescence, shining in rays from every pore of the figure, who was beautiful in extreme.

The sense of peace that settled upon me was amazing, and it was alive in every molecule of my being.

⦁ Meetings with angels are a joyful gift, and a source of inspiration. I have no idea why the illuminated one visited me in my home at that time. I had not asked to see one, and was not aware that I needed comfort. Perhaps that first angel came just so I could know angels exist. Certainly, the memory has been there for me to draw strength from - particularly when there have been obstacles to overcome - and it will be there for me in the future. As well as the deeper certainty they bring, angels also look out for our immediate physical safety.

⦁I know  I've been helped many times by angelic beings, like when driving along, one whispered 'pull over' in my ear - which allowed me to avoid a collision, and turned out to be excellent advice.

⦁ One experience I'm particularly grateful for happened on holiday some years ago. A group of us were sitting with a high sand-dune barrier between us and the beach which was some distance away. The red flag was up, and we'd been advised the sea was dangerous that day.
⦁ With my three-year-old playing with friends and their parents nearby, I lay on my front, put my head on my arms and, without realizing it, drifted off to sleep. I was awakened by a voice that said just one word, 'Sea'.

It was not a loud voice, nor a particularly insistent one, but it had me on my feet n an instant and flying like the wind to the seashore. I reached the water just as an enormous wave poised itself over my little girl, who stood there watching the watery crest above her, oblivious to danger. I grabbed her in my arms, pulled her away, and thanked the voice from the bottom of my heart.

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Reference:The Fragrant Heavens : Valerie Ann Worwood