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The Importance of Demons

The ancient Mediterranean world taught that priestesses, witches, diviners and poets possessed the ability to open portals through which sentient powers or " demons" who inhabited extra-worldy planes could travel to the material universe.

These beings, these powers-that-be, did not have a physical form; they were not composed of "atoms,"the indivisible elements of our world, and they did not have eyes, ears, mouths, voices, or, in fact, any human or biological attributes at all.

And perhaps most importantly, these immortals were neither male or female; they were neither and yet they were both.

In the Greco-Roman way of thinking, gods are the cosmic bloom of existence. Greek and Latin culture, preserved in the amber of ancient literature, perpetuated the view that Gods are the immortal "elements" of an ordered and living universe.

For example, Aphrodite is the desire of sexual attraction; Dionysus is ecstast; Athena is civic justice. Unlike humans, the gods aren't born, they don't age, and they don't die. They are in perpetual bloom.

Myth was the medium in which the classical world expressed the efflorescene of the immortal forces of the universe.

Greek and Roman myth had an extraordinary influence on ancient artists, statesmen, religious leaders and philosophers.

It was a cultural cement that facilitated the construction of democracy, the establishment of education, and the creation of the scientific method.

Ancient myth was a metaphor for expressing the individuality and actions of the immotal powers that govern the universe.

Reference: Hermaphrodites Gynomorphs and Jesus: Author: Dr.David C.A Hillman

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