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Religion is a wormhole: it is multidimensional, collapsible bridge in space that only a thirteen year-old girl in the bloom of life can open..... and only when she has entered a state of heigntened sexual arousal.

According to ancient Etruscan sibyls, the teenage priestess who established the norms for much of the Roman culture, religion is a method of cosmic tunneling; it's a practice that creates a fluid structure through which dark-matter-breathing beings can travel in order to possess their maddened devotees

The ancient world believed religion was a resonant span across the fabric of space[time; and ancient clerics taught that its thremodynamic seal could be forcefully broken open with the songs of maidens,

The Romans spoke classical Latin. Their word "religio, " from which we derive our English word "religion," means "ligature" or "binding".

Modern historians overtly influenced by their own Christian cultural lens, have interpreted this to mean religion is something that binds us to do and say certain things in velebration of divinity; in other words,  religion is what we owe the gods.

Nothing could be further from the historical actuality. In Rome, "religio" was simply the cosmic tie that bound the Earth-plane to the rest of the multiverse. It was a means to an end; it was a force of extra-dimensional attraction.

In the Greco-Roman way of thinking, gods are the cosmic bloom of existence.

Reference: Hermaphrodites Gynomorphs and Jesus: Author: Dr.David C.A Hillman  


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