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The Beneficent Home

Our home should be an oasis of peace, or at least a place where we feel 'at home' with ourselves: centred and complete, healthy, creative and joyful. Most of the time this may be the case, but if we're burgled, the house just feels 'dirty' - even, as one person told me, when a cat-burglar silently went through the place wearing thick gloves and disturbing nothing but the safe. The initial reaction after such a violation is often, ' It doesn't feel like it's my place any more; I want to move now,' but this is seldom a practical possibility.

If we move home, to a place previously occupied by other people, again, the energies can feel uncomfortable. It is not only the energy of those who are present that we have to think about, but the energy of those who have passed through that particular space before. Walls, so it is said, hold the energy of people who occupied that room in former times. The love and joy - or fear, anger and pain - somehow get imprinted in the very fabric of the building.

Whether this is the case or not, it is certainly true that walls hold ancient aromas, as has been discovered  by workers for commercial dehumidifier firms who have smelt the aroma of incense burnt long ago emanating from the walls of churches during treatment. Aroma is tangible compared to love, fear and thought, but all have a vibration and energy that can linger.

Healers who work within the auric fields of people -the energy field around the body of a person - feel that field, in some cases, as sticky. This same, grey, etheric quagmire quality can suffuse a home, or a room in it, and can be felt by sensitive people and animals. It's variously described as 'thick', ' heavy' and 'dim'.

After a burglary, or when moving into a new place, it's very appropriate to perform a spiritual cleansing, but even invited visitors to our home can often leave their vibrational imprint behind. If they are full of sadness or misery , or the kind of people who radiate negativity or soak up positivity, that can be a real burden on the energy of the premises (as well as on us).

They leave feeling replenished, but you and the house feel depleted - and it may be time to work on the energy of both you and the place. When a building holds energies which are having a detrimental effect, they can be expressed as, perhaps, the feeling that the place is never really clean (despite the fact that, to look and touch, it is clean), and wanting to clean it over and over again; or, conversely, as the feeling that you don't want to clean, touch or disturb anything: a general feeling of discomfiture; always wanting to rearrange furniture; or simply, being depressed as soon as you open the door.

The energies in a home can also account for physical sensations: feeling tired all the time; getting headaches; or feeling pressure on the head. Clearly, these things could also be symptoms of some physical disorder, and before considering the energetic quality of a home as the cause, put on your coat and get down to the doctor for a check-up. Obviously too, arguments in a home may account for an atmosphere of disquiet; and electromagnetic fields generated by electrical pylons, for example, have been said to account for the symptoms listed above.

Reference: The Fragrant Heavens: Valerie Ann Worwood

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