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The Angelic Fragrances: 62 Profiles -2


for when we are afraid and in need of angelic assistance, or need to believe they are close by. To send with joy our thanks to these realms in celebration.

is a signal of new life. Useful when praying for guidance and assistance while you tackle a new or try to change an area of your life.

is for when we are grieving. During bereavement this fragrance brings the angels to console us, and assist in the transition and release from earthly love which can sometimes attach us too strongly to the departed.

brings together all the current aspects of life - for the breath of life. To look at areas of painful emotion. Can be used in vision-quests to bring inner understanding.

assists in physical matters, keeping the mind stable and functional, yet uplifted. To remain grounded, and to help understand the lessons to be given in this lifetime.

aligns with the spiritual; a 'calling ' perfume. To call upon the divine orders, and to send love and prayers. Also for protective elements. To assist in keeping the hearts pure and full of understanding.

will allow us to be centered enough to bring the angelic realms closer for comfort and reassurance. It contains an aroma which assists in understanding both the opportunities and disappointments that may come our way.

is a fragrance that brings stimulation and protection. Its courage and fearless fragrance can be used when we need to stimulate ourselves into action but lack the courage to do it, and so it brings into our aura a strengthening energy which is transmitted by our guardians.

to rejoice for the upliftment of the angelic realms, in joyful appreciation. Clears the pathways to direct connection with a messenger, energizing the subconscious connections.

for persistence, endurance and courage, enabling the path ahead to be clearer. Full of awareness of perhaps the dangers and pitfalls of life.

is another flower of the angelic realms that is reminiscent of many descriptions of the angelic odours. It can be used when we find it difficult to express ourselves, and need consolation and assurance that we are not alone and help is always near by, if it is the will of God. 



for the removal of emotional uncleanliness and assistance in the expansion of the protective beings, but very much on the physical plane, assisting the removal of the heritage of guilt and fear miasms of a psychological nature. purifying for those who believe they have sins which must be forgiven.


is a favourite of the angelic realms. Often a similar, but not the same, fragrance heralds their arrival and departure. A fragrance of the shining light-beings. For assistance in love, compassion and purpose.

for assistance during purification, perhaps after nightmares or such like. It can be used during meditation to help bring the beings of light into the setting, and to understand why negative experiences may be troubling you.

awakens harmony. It's a vibration that brings the angels of compassion closer when we are in need of comfort, companionship and recognition that help is always available to us, and that we are never alone.

is vitalizing and purifying to the mind, body and soul. It allows directness and clarity in prayer. Angels often use this vibration to sned feelings of happiness and calmness to us, to remind us to use the fertility and richness of the planet correctly.

is cleansing for the physical which impedes the spiritual. For times when the emotional are embedded in misery and unable to escape from it, and in need of help to overcome it.

for when sadness blocks the heart from feeling love, and when in need of inner peace and happiness. An angelic aroma which brings the peace and contentment that can only come from the angelic realms.

is for the inner child. To reconnect with the angelic keepers of our childhood, bringing back briefly the innocence of childhood prayers.

can be used to help assist us when we become obsessive, or when we can find no release from persistent mental anguish. It may bring assistance on an angelic level to release those holds over us.

is for past-life lessons, and assistance in moving forward and gaining wisdom from lessons learnt. Letting the angels that have accompanied you through lifetimes give you understanding and support.

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Reference: The Fragrant Heavens : Valerie Ann Worwood